Jas Johal Photography by John Lehmann

DELTA – Delta South MLA Ian Paton says taxpayers should not be on the hook for the redundant and costly review of the George Massey Tunnel Replacement ordered by Transportation Minister Claire Trevena.

“The Minister is prepared to spend up to $1 million dollars on a review to find out, and I quote the Minister, “…whether it’s let’s twin the tunnel, let’s do a bridge or tunnel or let’s have the bridge,” says Paton.

But Paton says that work has already been done. He notes two previous independent, technical reviews that examined these options closely.

“Today in Question Period, I asked the Minister point blank whether or not she had read two technical reviews done by WSP|MMM Group and MMK Consulting respectively. She didn’t answer the question—and even called the project a “pet concern” of mine, which is insulting to the 80,000 commuters a day trapped in gridlock.”

Richmond-Queensborough MLA Jas Johal wonders if the Minister understands the urgency of the situation.

“The tunnel is a constant, ongoing challenge for commuters. In fact, a Richmond resident named Kris wrote me to say it took 90 minutes for her to get from Ironwood Plaza in Richmond to the other side of the Fraser. That’s unacceptable,” says Johal.  “How many more families will have to miss soccer games, medical appointments and other events because of this government’s inaction?”

The MLAs are calling on the Minister to do her job and read the two reports— instead of spending $1 million in taxpayer money to get someone else to do it for her.

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