Ranchers need relief from rising costs of doing business

VICTORIA (May 14, 2019) – As B.C. Beef Day is celebrated at the BC Legislature today, it also serves as a reminder that B.C. ranchers need some relief from John Horgan and the NDP’s punishing taxes.

“The number one thing I hear from ranchers and farmers is that the cost of everything is going way up,” says BC Liberal Agriculture Co-Critic Ian Paton, MLA for Delta South. “They are being hit hard by the triple-whammy effect of the NDP’s new Employer Health Tax, increased carbon tax and rising minimum wage.”

Larson notes that these higher costs come at a time when ranchers need more support, not less, from government.

“The last two wildfire seasons were absolutely devastating to a number of ranching operations in our rural communities,” says BC Liberal Agriculture Co-Critic Linda Larson, MLA for Boundary-Similkameen. “They are still trying to recover and rebuild, and these efforts are being made more difficult by the NDP’s insistence on taxing whatever is left of their livelihoods.”

Paton and Larson note the B.C. beef industry is an important employer and contributor to our provincial economy. Figures from the B.C. Cattleman’s Association show about 8,700 people work in the sector, with annual revenues estimated around $600 million.

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