Rental task force undercut by harmful NDP policies

KAMLOOPS (December 12, 2018) – Municipal Affairs Critic Todd Stone says the NDP government’s lack of action on creating rental supply does nothing to help the housing affordability crisis.

“While the recommendations in today’s Rental Task Force report reflect a desire for positive change in British Columbia’s rental climate, unfortunately the NDP government’s actions speak louder than words on this file,” said Stone. “There is nothing in the recommendations to increase housing supply, which is one of the fundamental problems facing struggling renters.”

The task force’s recommendations highlight the NDP government’s track record of failing to follow through on their promises regarding affordability.

“Builders of rental projects across the province have become increasingly frustrated with massive tax increases, and new restrictions could risk delays or cancellations. This is on top of the added affordability issues stemming from 19 new and increased NDP taxes,” added Stone. “To top it all off, Premier Horgan’s promise of a $400 renters’ rebate is still missing in action.”

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