Saanich students still out of school one week later with no leadership from NDP

VICTORIA (November 1, 2019) – Frustrations are growing for parents in Saanich School District 63 as the support workers strike continues to drag on without action from the NDP.

“There are still over 7,300 students who have not been in their classrooms this week thanks to inaction and lack of leadership from John Horgan and the NDP,” said BC Liberal Education Critic Dan Davies. “No mediation has taken place and is still off the table over the weekend, leaving parents with major uncertainty heading into the next school week.”

NDP Education Minister Rob Fleming has given no indication he is willing to step in to help despite the urging from Saanich School District.

“Parents just want to see their kids in classrooms,” concluded Davies. “With no end in sight, parents this weekend are now having to make alternative plans for their kids for yet another week.”

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