Statement from Andrew Wilkinson on International Holocaust Memorial Day

VICTORIA (January 27, 2019) – Leader of the Official Opposition, Andrew Wilkinson, released the following statement today for International Holocaust Memorial Day:

Today, all across the world, people will come together to memorialize the victims of the Holocaust and remember the horrors and lessons of that dark time in human history.

Year after year, we are joined by fewer and fewer holocaust survivors. As the living memory of the Holocaust begins to fade, it is of the utmost importance that we keep their memories alive for generations to come.

The dark capabilities of mankind are an uncomfortable topic to discuss, but we must remain steadfast in this commitment to the survivors. Only by acknowledging the darkness can we strive for the light and celebrate all that is good. It is only through recognizing these terrible atrocities that we can reach for greatness and ensure that such horrors are never again repeated.

Today, on behalf of the entire BC Liberal Caucus, I encourage all British Columbians to reflect upon the malice and terrors of the Holocaust. Remember the victims not as part of a staggering death toll, but as individuals. Hatred and bigotry thrive only when we allow the dehumanizing of others.

Never again.

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