Statement from Andrew Wilkinson on the proportional representation referendum

VANCOUVER (June 7, 2018) – Leader of the Official Opposition Andrew Wilkinson released the following statement on the NDP Cabinet accepting its own recommendations:

“Today, Premier John Horgan confirmed the inevitable, rubber-stamping Attorney General David Eby’s recommendations on the proportional representation referendum.

“This entire process has been flawed and rushed from start to finish. The Premier broke his promise for a simple ‘yes or no’ question; the Attorney General is not a neutral arbiter; and communities in every corner of the province won’t have any clarity on how their ridings will be impacted because new maps will not be drawn.

“The alternatives to First Past the Post are convoluted and confusing, with two options that have never been used and a third that was already rejected in two previous referenda.

“In a bid to custom-build an electoral system specifically designed to keep them in power, the unstable NDP-Green coalition has dealt British Columbians a stacked deck in a rigged game.”

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