Statement from Andrew Wilkinson on today’s proportional representation announcement

VICTORIA (May 30, 2018) – Leader of the Official Opposition Andrew Wilkinson released the following statement on today’s proportional representation announcement:

“Today’s announcement just continues Premier John Horgan’s campaign to stack the deck in a rigged game to favour his desired outcome of this NDP referendum. Attorney General David Eby has created a confusing series of questions in an intentional effort to rig the results of the referendum.

“The Premier promised a simple ‘yes or no’ question. He broke that promise.“The Premier promised an all-party committee of the legislature to consult with British Columbians on electoral reform. He abandoned that too.

“I am confident that British Columbians do not want their democratic rights altered by crass, political self-interest. Once again, this is a stacked deck in a rigged game and our future is too important to let John Horgan’s political ambition take over the integrity of our democratic system.”


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