VICTORIA – “The story published today by The Tyee in relation to Advanced Education Minister Melanie Mark receiving more than $100,000 in taxpayer funds after leaving the Office of the Child and Youth Representative raises several questions.

“The first and most important is whether Ms. Mark left voluntarily. The remarks from Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond suggest the choice was entirely that of Ms. Mark, which would mean she would not be entitled to a severance package.

“If the former Representative is wrong, Ms. Mark needs to clarify immediately the circumstances of her departure.

“As well, why did Ms. Mark feel comfortable leaving the impression she left voluntarily? Why didn’t she let voters know that she was still getting taxpayer funds while running for office?

“The lack of clarity is disturbing and only Ms. Mark is in a position to end the ambiguity as to whether she was terminated, thus being entitled to severance, or whether she left voluntarily and wasn’t entitled to the $100,000.”

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