Statement from critic MLA Mike Morris on introduction of NDP cannabis legislation

Mike Morris Photography by John Lehmann

VICTORIA (April 26, 2018) – BC Liberal critic for Public Safety and Solicitor General Mike Morris released the following statement on the NDP government’s cannabis bills:

“The BC Liberal focus has always been public safety. Most importantly, we want to ensure children aren’t exposed to cannabis or have packaging specifically designed to market to them, and that criminals aren’t able to benefit from selling it.  We also believe municipalities should have the ability to prohibit sales if they choose.

“Legalizing cannabis is very complex and too important to rush – but we’re only months away from federal legislation and we’re just now getting the first glimpse at an implementation plan. As we’ve seen throughout this session, the NDP have demonstrated a consistent track record with rushed, flawed legislation.

“We’re going to carefully examine the bills through several lenses including public safety, land use, taxation, and distribution and have a thorough discussion in caucus.

“British Columbians deserve to have properly planned and well thought-out legislation for something as important as cannabis legalization.”

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