Statement from MLA Mike Morris on RCMP Appreciation Day

PRINCE GEORGE (February 1, 2020) – Prince George-Mackenzie MLA Mike Morris released the following statement regarding Royal Canadian Mounted Police Appreciation Day:

“Today marks a milestone in Canadian history and a celebration of an iconic part of our national framework. In honour of the centennial celebration of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, February 1st has been declared RCMP Appreciation Day.

“I would like to share my admiration and honour all members of the RCMP currently serving here in B.C. and across the country. This extends to those that have served in the past, and the countless number of those who are no longer with us. This is also a cause of celebration to all members of law enforcement as it is a profession steeped in risk and ripe with reward. It is a calling that challenges you daily to be your best, to be a pillar of the community and to put your life on the line for the safety and betterment of those around you.

“I spent 32 years in the RCMP, retiring as Superintendent for the North District in Prince George. It was an honour to serve the people of British Columbia in that capacity and today I am reflecting not only on my career but also the thousands of RCMP members that came before me and those that continue to serve today. I want to give my personal thanks to the RCMP for allowing me the chance to be a part of 100 years of legacy and tradition and for inspiring greatness in the minds of Canadians. Maintiens le Droit.”

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