Tegart calls for better planning and water storage, to cope with flooding

VICTORIA (May 7, 2018) – As homeowners, First Nations, farmers, ranchers and business owners continue to rebuild after last year’s devastating forest fires, now they also have floodwaters damaging their properties and in some cases, forcing them out of their homes.

Those floodwaters are prompting local states of emergency; shutting down roadways; causing drinking water and septic tank issues; hurting the tourism industry; and forcing residents to face additional personal and financial setbacks.

Fraser-Nicola MLA Jackie Tegart presented a statement on the flood situation in the Legislature today after touring flood-ravaged areas this past week.

“We know that these sorts of events are happening more and more often. If this is the new norm, then government needs a new norm for planning. We need to look at how we start to control and mitigate some of the flooding issues in our region.

This is the third year in a row we’re seeing drastic floods. What are we doing to plan ahead? Not only do we see floods in my area, but we see ranchers and farmers who are overwhelmed with fields that look like lakes, and two months later their irrigation is shut off due to drought. We need to look at planning and how we can store water, so we can ensure that the people who grow our food have the water they need for irrigation.”

Tegart says a genuine recognition of the situation, and good planning, are what people in her riding are looking for from government.

VIDEO CLIP: http://jackietegartmla.ca/bcltv_videos/mla-tegart-statement-flooding/

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