The Massey Tunnel mess continues under the NDP

DELTA (February 6, 2020) – Delta South MLA Ian Paton is questioning why John Horgan’s NDP continues to double-down on wasting taxpayer dollars as they do nothing to improve the situation for thousands of commuters stuck in daily gridlock at B.C.’s biggest bottleneck.

“This week we heard Transportation Minister Claire Trevena admit the Massey Tunnel replacement proposal will face even further delays and will still ultimately fail to take into account the future transportation needs of the region,” said Paton. “Commuters needed relief years ago, but instead of action, the NDP continues to employ more sham consultations and stall tactics in what looks to be a determined attempt to delay this project for another 10 years.”

Not only did the NDP scrap a proposal by the previous government, which would have been $900 million below current construction estimates and would be 50 per cent complete by now, but Trevena has also now clearly stated that their consistently-delayed project will have no future capacity for rapid transit. Additionally, the Minister revealed the NDP has zero intention of ever bringing light rail south of the Fraser River, despite its steadily-increasing population and evolving transportation needs.

“I will hand it to John Horgan and the NDP that they are at least consistent in their constant bungling of major capital transportation projects,” added Paton. “Between the Massey Tunnel mess, the Patullo Bridge price jump and the tax dollar-draining Community Benefits Agreement, the NDP should be ashamed of their poor performance on this portfolio. Too bad it is the taxpayers and commuters of British Columbia that are left paying the price.”

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