Throne Speech lacks agenda for Langley

LANGLEY (February 13, 2019) – The BC NDP government introduced its latest Throne Speech yesterday, but Langley East MLA Rich Coleman says the speech shows no real agenda for Langley and the rest of British Columbia.

“This Throne Speech shows that a year and a half into their mandate, the NDP is already out of ideas,” says Coleman. “Meanwhile, the government admits many British Columbians are struggling – even working two or three jobs to get by. But while this Throne Speech preaches affordability, it doesn’t include anything substantial to help ease the burdens facing British Columbians – many of them piled on by their own government.”

Since taking office, the NDP has introduced 19 new or increased taxes – including an MSP-replacement tax, higher gas taxes, and a so-called Speculation Tax that targets B.C. residents.

“The NDP has shown they have no problem taxing British Columbians, but they don’t have anything new to offer them in return,” says Coleman. “This Throne Speech contains no relief from the government’s slew of new taxes, no plan to create jobs, and no plan to grow the economy. And that’s no way to run a government.”

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