Wilkinson urges Horgan to meet with Prime Minister in Ottawa

VICTORIA (April 9, 2018) – Official Opposition Leader Andrew Wilkinson is calling on Premier John Horgan to travel to Ottawa and undo some of the damage he is causing to B.C.’s economy and reputation.

The call comes after Kinder Morgan announced it is temporarily suspending non-essential spending on the Trans Mountain Pipeline, effectively halting the project.

“Premier Horgan and his government are the ones who picked this fight with the federal government, and it is British Columbians who will end up dealing with the consequences of any retaliatory actions.

“He needs to show he recognizes that the constitution is not something that can be ignored; that this project has already received federal approval; and that the people of British Columbia will prosper from the long term economic benefits of this project.

“The NDP has been slowly chipping away at B.C.’s competitive advantage since taking office, by putting up numerous obstacles to investment including very damaging tax policy created on the fly. Pretty soon, the only reputation B.C. will have left is one of political and economic instability.

“The Premier needs to go to Ottawa and stand up for the people of British Columbia, before B.C.’s economy suffers any further from the stubbornness of his activist government.”


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