Wilkinson urges Horgan to stop playing pipeline politics

VICTORIA (April 12, 2018) – Official Opposition Leader Andrew Wilkinson is relieved to see that Premier John Horgan has started to act responsibly by accepting the Prime Minister’s invitation to meet in Ottawa to take direction on the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

“After months of showing no real leadership on the issue, I hope the Premier comes to his senses and puts B.C. jobs and prosperity before self-serving politics,” says Wilkinson. “We now know that his actions to date have been solely focused on scoring political points, rather than standing up for the interests of British Columbians.”

Wilkinson is hopeful the Premier will represent the views of all British Columbians this weekend and repair the damage Horgan has done not only to B.C.’s relationships with Alberta and Ottawa, but to our economy and reputation as well.

“The Premier has put affordability and prosperity at risk for middle-class British Columbians. We could see gas prices skyrocket or federal funds withheld if Alberta and Ottawa decide to enact further sanctions to enforce the rule of law, which this NDP government has ignored,” says Wilkinson.

“John Horgan needs to go to Ottawa, swallow his pride, and accept the lawful solution before this situation develops into an even bigger economic crisis for our province.”


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