WorkSafeBC review rigged by John Horgan and union donors

VICTORIA (August 15, 2019) – The BC Liberal Caucus is standing with workers and employers following widespread backlash against John Horgan and the NDP’s sham review of WorkSafeBC. The move comes after 46 business organizations claim that the review of BC’s workers’ compensation system cannot be conducted in an independent, impartial, and balanced manner.

“John Horgan has commissioned yet another phony review in a long series of sham investigations with outcomes pre-determined by political considerations,” said MLA John Martin, BC Liberal Labour Critic. “This government has crafted an entire review based on a decade old report from their union friends at the BC Federation of Labour. Again we see John Horgan choosing his insider friends and donors over British Columbians.”

John Horgan appointed labour lawyer Janet Patterson to lead the review. In a 2009 report commissioned by the BC Federation of Labour, Patterson outlined 24 recommendations for workers’ compensation in British Columbia. All but one of those 2009 recommendations made it into the WorkSafeBC review that she is now leading.

“We need genuine consultation with workers and employers to achieve an effective and worthwhile review of WorkSafeBC,” added Martin. “What John Horgan and the NDP have cooked up is just another smoke and mirrors review to make it look like they aren’t just going to do whatever their union donors want.”

The NDP has previously been criticized for rigging several reviews, including an investigation of high gas prices by the British Columbia Utilities Commission which was prevented from looking at the impacts of any provincial policies on fuel costs.

“We stand with workers and employers who all simply want a just and fair review of our workers’ compensation system,” concluded Martin. “These organizations standing up to a rigged review are sending a clear message to John Horgan and the NDP about political tampering with independent reviews. I hope the government listens, because British Columbians deserve better than this.”

The BC Federation of Labour donated $1,494,957.18 to the NDP between 2005 and 2017.

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